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magibrain ([personal profile] magibrain) wrote in [community profile] white_collar2013-07-16 11:01 pm

Fic: Rockets' Red Glare (Neal, Diana and Christie, hurt/comfort)

Title: Rockets' Red Glare
Author: magistrate ([personal profile] magibrain)
Wordcount: 6500.
Genre: Hurt/comfort, character study; gen with an edge of Diana/Christie
Summary: An accident at the 4th of July fireworks show opens up old wounds. (Or: In which Neal is evasive, Christie is tipsy, and Diana is more prickly than cuddly, but it works out, sort of, in the end.)

Archive of our Own:

"You all right?" Diana asked.

Neal blinked at her, and said, more or less automatically, "Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?"

Diana gave him a look, and she was right: the question did kinda answer itself.

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