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For [community profile] month_of_meta I wrote up an examination of the way the women of white collar are written, and how the show deals with gendered tropes.

White Collar is one of my very favorite shows. And one the reasons I love it so much is its varied cast of interesting and awesome women characters. In this piece (one couldn't really call it an essay), I'll discuss how the women of White Collar are written as individuals as well as the way the writers address gendered tropes. Expect this to spoil all the way through the end of season three.

Click here to read it at my journal
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Here is my long-ass review of the White Collar Season 1 finale. I talk at length about Kate and Neal/Kate, and squee a little about Neal/Peter. *g* In total: 2 negatives, 20 positives.

Why isn't it time for Season 2 yet???
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The term "white collar" comes from the detachable white collars and cuffs that were once fashionable for office-working men. These collars are always white, regardless of the color or pattern of the rest of the shirt. In modern times, a detachable collar is worn as a symbol of status.

While watching the boilerroom episode, I took note of who was wearing a white collar and who was not:
  • At the FBI office while planning the case, nobody is in a white collar. Everyone's collars have some shade or pattern matching their shirts.
  • At the boilerroom, the man who interviews Neal has a white collar and cuffs, in contrast with his blue striped shirt. Every other boilermen or FBI agent has a more modern, matching collar.
  • When Neal is taken to meet "the man behind the curtain", neither the man or his business partner have white collars.
  • When Neal reveals the doublecross to the partner, Neal himself is in a white collar, but not a detachable white collar. Both of the partners have colored collars.

What does all this indicate? I've not been able to come up with any theories (yet). I do know that each shirt, each collar is a conscious decision on the part of the costume designer, if not someone above them as well. Also, is there any meaning in the difference between the genuine detachable white collars, and the attached white-collar-colored-shirt collars? Is that one just a cheat for ease, or a sloppy copy? I hope this all means something interesting.
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White Collar content on dreamwidth posted since the last linkspam. This time I've included WIPs, episode reactions and meta. Please comment with links I've missed.


Gen )

Neal/Peter )

Peter/Elizabeth )

Neal/Peter/Elizabeth )


Neal )

Screen caps

Lauren )

Episode reactions

The Portrait )


The show )

The fandom )
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I don't know why some commenters would say my first entry was "overwhelmingly negative", or that it seemed like I didn't enjoy episode 101 - chicks are hot, and WC totally delivers the eye candy. In 102, it was... )


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