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Fic: Last Resort (PG-13, 2200 words)

Title: Last Resort
Author: Flora
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Neal, Elizabeth, Peter, Mozzie, Keller
Word Count: 2200
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers through 4.12 “Brass Tacks”. Mentions of violence.
Summary: The queen protects the king, and her knight moves in crooked lines.
A/N: I don’t even know what this is. I don’t know where this came from. But it’s one of those ideas that would not get out of my head and let me focus on anything else until I finished it. I almost didn’t post it. This is dark, but it’s a thought I couldn’t let go of until I wrote it out.

Last Resort
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A beautifully written dark story. It's interesting to see Elizabeth in this role - as it's usually Peter who gets written into the protective King willing to sacrifice Neal for Elizabeth's safety.