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Fic: Negative Space (Gen; Neal, Peter, Diana, and others; Five Things-ish)

Title: Negative Space
Author: magistrate ([personal profile] magibrain)
Wordcount: 7500.
Genre: Vignettes, five-things-ish, character study, a brief dalliance with hurt/comfort.
Summary: Studies of things made notable by their absence, their unspokenness, the space left around them, or their invisibility.

Archive of our Own:

The secret, Neal had learned, to making things look effortless was to put in more work than a sane person would ever dream of devoting to a skill. You just had to make sure to put in that work where no one could see you, and Neal had put a lot of work into cultivating the impression that his free time was spent sipping wine and preening on his balcony, rather than pouring sweat and blood into learning the skills that made him appear superhuman.