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Title: I've Pushed To Get Through
Rating: PG
Fandom: White Collar
Summary: Neal's gift is everything he wished for, back when he was seven years old and dirt poor. It's also the reason he's alone, why people turn on him, why people want to use him, and why people leave him.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Content: Hurt/comfort, AU, superpowers, pre-series, character origins, friendship, gen.
Author's Note: I was rereading a bunch of White Collar fic the other week, and when I came across Five White Collar AUs Sam Didn't Write by [personal profile] copperbadge/[personal profile] sam_storyteller, I got grabbed so hard by the fourth one, The Comic Book Caper, that I had to expand on it. You don't have to read it to understand this, but you should. It's only a couple of hundred words, and it's the Peter angle, so you'll appreciate this better because of it.

Much thanks to [personal profile] tree00faery, [personal profile] tjs_whatnot and [personal profile] copperbadge for the lovely beta reads. You guys are awesome.

Spoilers for Season One (with specific references to 1.01 Pilot and 1.07 Free Fall) and 2.11 Forging Bonds, but goes AU thereafter for Neal's backstory. Yes, I wrote something that is already jossed, but hey, they have superpowers, so it's an AU anyway.

The references that might sound vaguely familiar are to The Pink Panther. I still don't know how Jeff Eastin & co got through an entire episode about a pink diamond, cat burglars and framing someone else for the crime without a single crack about The Pink Panther.

Read on AO3 * Read on DW * Read on LJ
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Title: When the World Falls Down (I'm Gonna Catch You)
Fandom: White Collar. Specifically, [personal profile] sholio's Psychic Neal AU. Fanfic of fanfic!
Wordcount: 4360
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Peter, Mozzie, Neal, Elizabeth, Hughes
Pairing(s): Canon Peter/Elizabeth
Notes: As noted, set in [personal profile] sholio's Psychic Neal 'verse. A hundred thank you's to her for letting me play in her sandbox, and another hundred thank you's to [personal profile] frith_in_thorns for betaing.
Summary: A retelling of "Free Fall," set in the currently hypothetical "season 2" of Sholio's fic. When Neal is set up, Peter and Mozzie are the only thing standing between him and the unthinkable.

Click here to read it at my journal
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This was my instant fix-it for episode 1.07, and as such a) contains spoilers b) is very silly.

Mastermind by [personal profile] jmtorres
~1000 words
No warnings. Gen slash.

( Read it on my dreamwidth )

( or, if you prefer, on AO3 )
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Tonight at 10pm Eastern/9pm Central, episode 7 airs on USA.

Remember that this comm is under a strict no spoilers policy. Please cut any and all spoilers, warn before the cut, and use the spoiler tag. If you have icons with spoilers, please use them only in comments on posts with the spoiler tag, thanks!


Oct. 27th, 2009 07:44 pm
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